I’m Returning to Teach Nia on June 15!

Let’s Get Back to Dance!

Nia at The Dance Space

Oh I’ve missed you! Join me on June 15 and 16 at 11:30 am for my return to teaching Nia at The Dance Space. I will be teaching the new routine ‘Awake’ which I began to learn just before Wilder James was born. We both love the soothing sitar sounds and Indian chants in this relaxing routine. I think you will too! Listen to the music from our next routine ‘Awake’.

Meet Wilder in Class on June 15

I’m going to bring Wilder to class on June 15, so feel free to arrive a few minutes early to introduce yourself. I think I need to buy a whole new iPhone to capture the endless stream of photo opportunities this little boy presents. I continue to upload the best of the best to Shutterfly. Check out my album of Wilder here.  Here are a few of my recent faves.
Wilder James 2Wilder James 3Wilder James 4Wilder James 1

A Mega Merci to Vina and Emily for Subbing

These two ladies have made this mama proud! I’m grateful to both of them for stepping in to hold space for my class and for sharing their own flavor of Nia with you!


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