As you well know, a new era has begun for me. Shortly after my son Wilder turned one, I had a keen sense that my life cannot continue unchanged after becoming a mother.

Oh, how I clung to my ‘old life’ this past year – lots of work, work, work, and teaching precious Nia classes. But I need to let go. My focus wants to be on Wilder and family life. So….what am I saying?

It’s time for me to step away from teaching Nia for now. My last class will be July 27. Gulp.

This is the right move for me, but it’s not without tremendous gratitude to you, and of course some sadness. After all, seeing each of you transform into softer souls, stronger bodies and happy dancers through life is a pleasure to witness, week after week.


If you have a class card with me, please feel free to email me to find out how many classes you have left. I hope you can dance it out with me! If you’re not able to get to class to use your card up, just let me know and we will work something out.


Sat, May 31: Emily Dolan

Sun, June 1: Ann Nicolaysen

I hope that we can continue to support Nia at The Dance Space as fellow students!

With Love and Gratitude,



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